Who we are

Communication with AOC may be through text or email or phone call. Immediate response is not required but every effort is to prioritize you as soon as possible!

By signing up with AOC you agree to the following:

Anyone working with AOC agrees to not compete with AOC for a period of 7 years after termination.

Drivers: We keep all of your information confidential except description of your vehicle and normal drive times and areas.

You are never obligated to spend more time in the area of the business with the Ad on your car or provide any extra services for them unless instructed by AOC (such as picking up an Ad at the business).

We strictly prohibit distribution of any personal information to the business as this can lead to many possible bad terms that we cannot account for, and which may cancel the business relationship with AOC. You will be held responsible for cancellation due to violation of these terms, harassment, and slander about the business online, or in, or near the business, and is terms for immediate termination with AOC and without pay for the entire month (due to the cost to reprint the Ad and refund the businesses’ prepaid time on your vehicle).

By working with AOC you agree to allow AOC to use photos of your vehicle with an Ad on it (without the license plate or people showing) for marketing for promoting AOC in social media and website for an unlimited time.

Your weekly photos will be forwarded to the business via email so photo titles and descriptions should be nonspecific.

Cancelling service with AOC before 4 months will require a reprint of the Ad, therefore cost to re-print, and prorated prepaid days, are deducted from your pay.

AOC has researched the local legal laws however, it is ultimately your responsibility to deal with law enforcement who may be uneducated about perforated Ads on windows, etc, and resolve the issues as they arise. AOC does its best to only approve Ads that avoid potentially creating a legal issue such as drugs, alcohol, nudity, swearing, etc and ensuring perforation amount is the minimum legally allowed. Also, driving outside of your normal area may require a bit of research to determine if it is legal in the city you are in.



Drivers are under no obligation to prioritize delivery for your business. We ask drivers and businesses to do all communication through AOC for privacy and protection. Bribery etc is highly discouraged. Harassment to drivers will not be tolerated and is terms for immediate cancellation without refund after careful review and if the driver then chooses.

In any loss situation: at-fault party will pay for reprint of Ad for current or new vehicle (if available), and/or prorated prepaid time and decal costs for the first 4 months or subsequent one month if no vehicle available.

We strive to provide you a weekly photo of the decal on the vehicle each week between Monday and Wednesday…. Ads are very sticky and stretch and tear upon removal so a new photo will be provided as it becomes available to AOC 4 times per month.


What rights you have over your data