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#1 Choose a size


Small (14x14) Side of Vehicle $200

Large Side of Vehicle $300

Small (14x14) Back of Vehicle $300

Large Back of Vehicle $500

Full Back Window $700

Sizes are approximate. Prices subject to change with 30-day notice.

#2 choose Area on Vehicle

All Placement Options

where can i put my business sticker on cars in my area

#3 call AOC to check availability and reserve your spot!

(949) 667-4455

#4 Choose a decal

Both Fast and Easy!

Supply Your Own Decal

$ 25 (approx)

We Design and Print Your Decal for You!

$ 120 Total


Whichever city you choose, with the added benefit of being seen in many other nearby cities!

Anytime you like~ its your space!  Be sure you have the required specifications as your previous Ad. If you would like a new space, call AOC! You can also add a small section over old information on non-window decals!

AOC will reprint the Ad at no charge and give credit for prepaid time!

No. Because the Ad is so sticky, it will stretch and tear at removal. Therefore, we have given very inexpensive Ad creation cost options.


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