If you drive for any service (except Uber Cab) 28 hours per week or 112 hours per month, you may be eligible to drive for us!

Simply fill out the application below, where more questions can be answered!

NO apps, logins, or passwords to manage!


Generally speaking, the type of person to sign up is smart and realistic. They realize they aren’t superstars/celebrities. They know no one honestly cares what the outside of their car looks like, its what’s on the inside that counts! They bought their vehicle to enjoy, to make all the money they can, to afford the best interior technology and comforts, upgrades and maintenance, to afford nice dates, clothes, vacations, houses, shopping, etc. for those people who truly appreciate them!

Your choice of businesses! Also, choose where they are placed on your vehicle!

They are very sticky, guaranteed paint-safe, peel off (without residue).

However, surrounding paint may fade in sunlight depending on length of time the Ad is on vehicle. If this is a concern for you, we recommend window decals only.

Window Ads are perforated (designed to see out of them from inside, legal, and have the added benefit of providing sunshade!).

You get $100 per Ad every month it is on your vehicle!

Choose to display only one, or most vehicles fit 8! (That’s $800 extra per month!) *AOC will determine eligible areas.

No fees, deposits, etc.

Damages to the Ad that require re-print will not exceed your monthly compensation per Ad.

We require drivers who can commit to 4 months or more.

It is designed to withstand weekly power washes, but only needs an occasional dust off.

Nothing if you live in the Orange County, CA area! Just let us stick the decal on your car (in about an hour) and drive as normal!

Let us know what kind of Ad you don’t want on your application.

If you want to get your favorite businesses faster, or if you live outside of Orange County, CA, you can get free AOC cards to pass out! No selling needed!

Fill out the application!

Ask AOC for free cards anytime! Simply tell an employee to please pass it on to the manager! We take care of the rest! Like passing out money, they will be very happy for this opportunity!

Tell us where you passed out cards at the link below so we are sure to call you when the business signs up!

We understand we work with the busiest people on the planet so we will never request you to download an app, or create a profile, or register for anything with logins, password etc.

More Questions? Text, Call, or Email!

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