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For Decal if Desired
To find photos
See Business tab for options then call AOC for this information.
Decal Options
Special requests, photos to use, colors, language, "Grand Opening", "Under New Management", "Limited Time", "New Location", "Now Hiring", for examples.
Permission & Agreement
I have authority to create such for the business listed above and the details herein. I understand the decal will be sent to AOC and placed on the vehicle as soon as it arrives, provided the driver has not cancelled the contract; if so, I agree to wait for a new vehicle in my city up to 3 months. I understand after I agree to the final copy via email, I will then receive a photo on the vehicle via email after installation and be billed for the prorated time its on the vehicle before the first full month. Cancellation after first draft, before print, will result in a 50% refund. I understand if the decal is damaged during installation or requires re-print, it may take extra time to have it shipped, and I will be billed only for the time it is on the vehicle. I understand some decals require trim for rounded corners and authorize it. I also agree to have photos of my final decal to be used for other advertising examples for public use as needed. I understand AOC is under no obligation to complete this request and cancellation by AOC at its discretion for non-violations by me will result in a full immediate refund. I understand this decal will be created before my first paid full month, and run-in time due to excessive delays by me will not result in prorated days credit if contract signed 1 week or more before the full month. I understand decal creation cost is due upfront, and charged immediately after this form is submitted and agree to the payment method below.
Decal Creation Payment Method (due before start)
Scan the Venmo or Cashapp QR code below, or we will send you an invoice from Square.